When I first asked Jaimie Warren to tell me about the work she does at the Whoop Dee Doo space, she corrected my assumption that Whoop Dee Doo belonged to her. “Well it’s not at all just me, it’s Whoop Dee Doo, and all the people that make Whoop Dee Doo happen.” Each time Jaimie reiterates that answer, it is given with a smiling effervescence. 

Her friends, and the stuff they make together, are at once her interests and motives. While much of her work is often more conventionally referred to as collaborations, it could also be seen as various forms of public friendship. Be they the cooperation that is required of her comrades to produce many of her photographs, or the more transparent willingness to put on a boisterous Whoop Dee Doo performance, it comes across as genuine when she repeatedly makes clear that Whoop Dee Doo—the people—are part and parcel of her studio practice.

To be in Whoop Dee Doo’s project space on a quiet weekday afternoon was to see and experience something that most people (aside from Jaimie) never experience: the sight of Whoop Dee Doo's abundant and colorful world of props, toys, and debris without the people who are usually activating, recreating, and concocting this odd brew of stuff.

The Whoop Dee Doo Team:

Co-Director Matt Roche, Co-Director Jaimie Warren, Natalie Myers, Chris Beer, Roger Link, Stuart Scott Smith, Lee Heinemann, Lindsey Griffith, Megan Mantia, Elizabeth Allen-Cannon, Erin Zona, Ryan Comiskey, Molly Ryan, Madeline Gallucci, and others