Aug 31, 2011

Ken Ferguson

Ken Ferguson's studio

Ken Ferguson (1928–2004) was a world-renowned and locally loved ceramist. His studio, which Mike photographed shortly after his death, has served as a quiet inspiration for the Wheelhouse Review project. As the images clearly indicate, the space was a well-worn, discrete place with an aura that speaks of the time that was spent there by Ken. A written description is not necessary to communicate what is special about Ken’s studio—but the photographs are.

As Mike, John, and I discussed what this project could be, this collection of photographs served as an important and meaningful placeholder. “I said to Mike, someone’s gotta take pictures of that place,” John recounted to me, the first time we discussed the idea of documenting artist’s studios in Kansas City, “…or else it’ll just go away, and that’ll be it.”

For more about what Wheelhouse Review is, and how it came to be, see the About section.