Beniah Leuschke’s studio is big. With the Studios Inc community wood shop and elevated storage area factored in, the studio encompasses roughly 5,000 square feet. But big isn’t the thought that comes to mind when one wanders between the studio’s industrial shelves, through its various sub-rooms, and around its impromptu arrangements of tables. Beniah Leuschke’s studio is full.

After the tour was complete, the thought of even beginning to describe this studio was intimidating. That’s because one’s understanding of the studio is dependent upon Leuschke’s way of contextualizing the vast and disorienting assortment of interesting, bewildering material. As each object was described, its presence was validated; its place in the web of Beniah-branded ideas made obvious and relevant. These ideas made physical—from humorous linguistic barbs to poignant assessments of a culture we accept without thinking—are nothing less than Leuschke’s mind map.

He has made a world of the words in his head, and his ability to quickly explain and connect his various (and even disparate) ideas, while also riffing and re-wording one’s questions and reactions is a dominant, invigorating element of the experience. Unapologetic for being different, Leuschke exuded a certain comfort in presenting a studio devoid of objects readily understood as finished art. The art here is not presented, but rather gleaned from the matter to be considered and, and after a beat or two, reconsidered.